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The call for fiction submissions is now closed.

If you’ve submitted and would like an update, please visit my submissions, or send us an email with the word “query” and the name of your story in the subject line.

If you’re interested in submitting art or non-fiction writing, we’re interested in hearing from you. Please drop us a line by email at submissions@aescifi.ca.

AE welcomes submissions from both established and emerging authors, and we’re especially interested in under represented voices and perspectives. We publish science fiction, though our interpretation of the genre is broad and ‘speculative’ fiction without a sciency feel is welcome. We accept stories from 500 to 3000 words in length during our regular open calls, and stories under 200 words for our quasi-annual MICRO! competition.

What are we looking for in a story? Check out Over the Transom, an editorial series on the characteristics of a good science fiction story. In particular, take a look at this post, and read a few of the best stories we’ve published. We’re particularly fond of speculative fiction that asks ‘what if’ in a plausible world using an engaging narrative – but in general, write clearly about topics that matter to you, and include both a premise and a conflict/change.

Requirements and details: Submissions must be previously unpublished (in print or online) and should be strong enough to stand alone (i.e., no excerpts from a larger work). Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please notify us immediately if your submission is accepted for publication in another venue. Please submit no more than one story at a time. We buy First Serial and First Electronic rights and non-exclusive Audio rights.

AE is proud to offer all fiction authors reimbursement of $0.10 CAD per word, paid within 60 days of signing.

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Please indicate if you reside in Montreal, elsewhere in Canada, or select 'Other' if you reside outside of Canada. You may optionally name your country of residence.

We believe that a great story can stand on its own, but we also deeply value own voices, representation, and social context. You can use the space below to let us know why you are the right person to tell this story. We encourage writers from marginalized communities or underrepresented groups to self-identify if they are comfortable doing so. You may also use this space to tell us about your personal connection to Montréal. This field is optional, and leaving it blank will not disadvantage your submission.