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The call for AE Micro is open!
DEADLINE: Sept 15, 2018 11:59PM EST

Submission Guidelines (fiction)

It’s AE Micro time again. We give you a theme. You send us a very short story. We pick the best and publish a microzine.

This year’s theme is “stars“. Become a galactic idol, journey to a white dwarf, or follow your horoscope.

We will select a minimum of five entries for publication in the microzine: three Canadian stories and two international. As always, we publish science fiction, though our interpretation of the genre is broad and ‘speculative’ fiction without a science-y feel is welcome. The word limit for this one is a minuscule 200 words.

Requirements and details: Submissions must be previously unpublished (in print or online) and should stand alone (i.e., no excerpts from a larger work). Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please let us know if your piece is selected elsewhere. Please submit no more than two micro submissions at a time. We buy First Serial and First Electronic rights and non-exclusive Audio rights.

AE is proud to offer all fiction authors reimbursement of $0.10 CAD per word (with a minimum of $20 for very short tales), paid within 60 days of acceptance.

Licensing: All content in AE is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial NoDerivatives license upon publication. We believe in the Creative Commons mission and feel that it benefits both authors and their readers by allowing creators to reach the widest possible audience. Note that the use of the Creative Commons license has no effect on the ability or right of the author to sell reprint rights, film rights or other secondary rights in the future. Copyright remains at all times with the author, and commercial reproduction is prohibited.

Response Time: we aim to respond to all queries and submissions promptly. Please feel free to send a follow-up query if you have not heard from us within 90 days.

Deadline: The current call for proposals will be open until 15 January 2020 at 11:59PM EST.

How to submit a story: Submit your story online using the form below. Please register an account to help us communicate with you: users can see the status of their submission, make changes, and let us know if they need to withdraw.

We strongly encourage you to user the form below – but you may alternatively email your story to us. Please note the following instructions for email submissions: Please include a brief cover letter and the full text of your story (preferably in plain text) in the body of an email addressed to submissions@aescifi.ca. We will not open any attachments. The very first thing in your subject line should be “CDN Sub” if you are a Canadian citizen or current Canadian resident, otherwise your subject line should begin with “INT Sub.” This is very important, especially if you are Canadian. We publish a limited number of international stories. The subject line must also contain both the title and approximate word count of your piece, like this: “CDN Sub: ‘Title of Story’ (1300 words).” The cover letter should include your name, byline (if different) and a brief (70 words, at most) biography. We will contact you at the same email from which you sent your submission.

Interested in writing something else? We’re also looking for non-fiction contributors and we’d love to hear your idea. Please contact us directly. At this time we cannot reimburse authors for non-fiction contributions. Interested in contributing visual art? We buy art primarily on contract for our specific needs. AE buys first rights and pays between $50 and $300 CAD per illustration depending upon size and intended use.

Submission Form
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The name of the author, as it should appear on the website. Pen names can be used.

Please select 'Canada' if you currently reside in Canada, or 'Other' if you reside elsewhere. You may optionally name your country of residence.

Please note the approximate wordcount, or click 'count words' to estimate the wordcount.

Please include any comments or notes for the editors who review your submission, including any links to your online presences that you would like to include. This content will not be published and will not be included in the word count.

We publish a shortly (20-100 word) bio next to each story. Let us know what you'd like to include in yours. This is optional and can be provided after your story is accepted.