AEscifi Launch Announcement

For immediate release:

In July, 1939, Astounding Science Fiction published “Black Destroyer” by A.E. van Vogt, its cover story, and so began the Golden Age of Science Fiction. Of course, Theodore Sturgeon and Robert A. Heinlein’s inaugural stories would follow that same summer, and Isaac Asimov even shared the July issue. But Asimov was the first to admit that was just a coincidence. “Black Destroyer” began the Golden Age, and Asimov was just one of those lucky enough to see his work appear alongside it. Why should a small-town boy writing from the Canadian prairies be the one to kick off one of the defining literary movements of the twentieth century and beyond? Maybe blame it on the short winter days and long, cold, amazingly clear starry nights. Maybe the Aurora Borealis. Or maybe it’s the wide-open spaces that make you feel like the vast rising moon is an attacking alien planet. Certainly there must be some font of inspiration and wide-eyed wonder, as our per-capita artistic productivity has long been a source of pride and identity. Of course we should have our own science fiction magazine. Who better? AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, is back. For six years we curated and published some of the best new Canadian and international science fiction, and turned a critical eye to the genre’s past, present, and future. On Wednesday, July 10, 2019, we return from our unplanned three-year hiatus confident we will do that better than ever before, with five new groundbreaking science fiction short stories. It’s weird that a science fiction webzine in the country where Neuromancer was conceived and written should be hacked. We found ourselves in the future without even realizing it and discovered we had skimped a bit on the security software. But every great institution must be burned down so it can be built greater anew, even digital ones. Welcome to AE 2.0. We think you’re gonna like what we have in store. http://   -30-   Media image kit available. Please contact