Stargazers: Microtales from the Cosmos


Stargazers: Microtales from the Cosmos risograph print edition

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Over winter 2020 we held a competition for the best ultra-short science fiction stories, and were blown away by the results – so we’re bringing the winners to the world by launching¬† Stargazers:¬†Microtales from the Cosmos.

Stargazers: Microtales from the Cosmos is a beautifully illustrated collection of the 20 best flash fiction pieces. It features original illustrations by the amazing Toronto artist Bree Main, printed in gorgeous Riso by locally owned and operated Vide Press (click here to purchase the ebook instead).

Most importantly, all purchases support new and emerging authors, while helping to build a space for new stories about the connections between us – something we need more than ever in a time of rising isolation and alienation. Help make future projects like this one possible.

Stargazers showcases new and under-represented voices in science fiction. Alongside our astral explorers you will get a chance to count down the clock in an intergalactic tourist agency, fight celestial starcopies with ninjutsu, witness the flashpoint of a revolution, get the downlow on astronomer-brand adultery, andreconnect with literary icon Lady MacBeth.