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ISSUE no. 23 - SUMMER 2016

In this issue of AE, September scares May to death; AE Micro comes out in May for a change; and humans crave contact.

Meanwhile, we release our annual podcast; Wes Smiderle reviews Jeff Lemire; and J.J.S. Boyce surveys tales about animals.

When Alya Met Rigel

S. L. Saboviec

I may be a hundred and three, but my ability to spot liars is second only to my shooting.

AE Micro 2016

AE Editors

We are proud to announce the launch of AE Micro 2016.

All I Ever Wanted You To Do

Sara Kate Ellis

Scientific consensus gives you four minutes, five tops, after the heart stops and the brain cells start dying. Charlie Lauder came back after eighteen hours, no worse for wear, no stiffness or cognitive impairment.

A.E. van Vogt's Clane of Linn

J.J.S. Boyce

A.E. van Vogt is surely the most famous literary figure in the English science fiction world to come out of the tiny community of Gretna, Manitoba, populated primarily by German-speaking Mennonites during his childhood. Of course this is a comical understatement for a writer spoken of in the same breath as the Big Three of Heinlein, Clarke, and Asimov, and sometimes wedged, retroactively into the number one or number two spot.

Clockwork Canada

Wes Smiderle

In his introduction to Clockwork Canada, editor Dominik Parisien calls this country “the perfect setting for steampunk.” He cites the country’s “absurdly large” mass and the fact that it was founded on a railroad, surely one of the more potent and ruthless emblems of steam power.

AE Podcast 2015

AE Editors

Every year, we like to take a look back at twelve months of fiction that we’ve published and record a few of the stories so you can enjoy them in audio format. Here’s the 2015 installment of our annual podcast:

The AE 2015 Podcast



AE thanks SF Canada





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