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ISSUE no. 15 - SUMMER 2014

In this issue of AE, AE Micro comes to its senses; MacGuffin has to die; and a planet has something to tell us.

Meanwhile, D.F. McCourt examines our fascination with fictional academies; and J.J.S. Boyce looks back at some of Robert J. Sawyer's earlier novels.

AE Micro 2014

AE Editors

Can you sense it? Something in the air? It's AE Micro 2014, here to launch issue 15 of AE.


Philip Brian Hall

So he tells me to hold one grip and he holds the other and there’s this sort of flash behind my eyes as if a bolt of lightning had zipped across inside my head.

The Speaking Ground

Erica Satifka

The planet breathed for me. My eyes became the eyes of the great shaggy beasts that roam in the fields, and I saw around the whole planet …

STARPLEX by Robert J. Sawyer

J.J.S. Boyce

According to his introduction from the 2010 edition, Robert Sawyer’s Starplex marked a turning point. Starting with his next novel, the Ontario writer would start publishing the type of present-day or near-future science fiction he is best known for today, with ordinary women and men dealing with perhaps one or two extraordinary changes in circumstance in an otherwise familiar world. But before this literary shift, he would write one final definitive hard SF epic.

Midterms at the Magic Academy

D.F. McCourt

There’s an exclusive private school in the hills. Youngsters from all over come to attend, drawn by programs and curricula that are simply unavailable anywhere else. It’s a boarding school, of course, and the students rarely, if ever, come into town. Frankly, there are rumours that all that goes on within those ivy-draped walls is not entirely savoury.

GOLDEN FLEECE by Robert J. Sawyer

J.J.S. Boyce

There's a game, call it the pop-culture-mash-up-elevator-pitch game, that publicists are particularly good at. When trying to sell a new work, especially from a new or unknown writer, the goal is to sum it up, in a sentence or three, as an amalgam of other well-known (and likely well-received) works. This game does, of course, have a home version.



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