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ISSUE no. 16 - FALL 2014

In this issue of AE, a gift goes awry; we're undone by an enemy within; and shooting stars fall.

Meanwhile, J.J.S. Boyce reviews an anthology of political scifi and BLIND LAKE by Robert Charles Wilson; and editor D.F. McCourt makes an appeal to women writers.

The Winnipeg Kid

Ken Gerber and Brian Hirt

I’m the meatgrinder, the widowmaker, the last-person-you-ever-look-at. I’m the Winnipeg Kid, and they only let me fight the expendable ones anymore.

This Is Not What I Wanted for My Birthday

Rati Mehrotra

No Henri, this is not what I wanted for my birthday.

Bed 17

KJ Kabza

Anjee’s uncle had died from “arteries.” At first they’d thought it was a run-of-the-mill heart attack, caused by run-of-the-mill atherosclerosis. But then they did the autopsy.


J.J.S. Boyce

You can stop reading the news, but you can’t escape politics. Certainly, Aristotle didn’t think so (in his opus, Politics), nor would, I expect, any poli-sci professor you’re likely to meet. And neither does Hayden Trenholm, the editor and publisher of this anthology, who acknowledges those who “[don’t] believe they hold strong political views” only to wryly counter that “acceptance of the status quo ... is as strong a political stance as anything more overt and polemical in nature.”

The Mako Mori Problem

D.F. McCourt

So I watched Pacific Rim last night. I know, I’m a year late to the party, but that’s what happens when you have two young kids. I finally watched last year’s robots versus monsters blockbuster because of an article, and subsequent discussions elsewhere, about Strong Female Characters written by the very thoughtful Tasha Robinson for The Dissolve.

BLIND LAKE by Robert Charles Wilson

J.J.S. Boyce

By publication order, Blind Lake is book-ended by The Chronoliths, arguably the best novel Robert Charles Wilson had written up to that point, and Spin, arguably the best novel he has ever written. From the perspective of today, that makes it seem like somewhat of an after-the-fact middle-child, which made me wonder if it would read the same way.



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