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ISSUE no. 22 - SPRING 2016

In this issue of AE, the magical is mundane; documentation holds forgotten answers; and Paris is different every day.

Meanwhile, Dale Sproule profiles Sean Stewart; Wes Smiderle reviews Cory Doctorow; and Jonathan Crowe reviews Peter Watts.

Travelling in the Grey Country

Siobhan Carroll

“If you look to your left,” says the guidebook, “you will see the fabled Lake of the Lost, where the ghosts of the dead gather before passing to a better world.”

If You See Him on the Road

KJ Kabza

I knew the jungle better than anyone, but even if I hadn’t, I could’ve guessed where we were going.

No Less Constant

Stephen S. Power

Connie watches the tour guide seal the chambre du voyage. The other tourists titter in their seats. Several hold hands. Silently Connie holds her own.

And I will leave you a trail of crumbs ...: The Evolution of Sean Stewart

Dale L. Sproule

“It’s always seemed odd to me,” said Sean Stewart, “that each of my two audiences seem completely unaware that my other set of work exists.”

Cory Doctorow's MAKERS

Wes Smiderle

Work is not a popular topic for science fiction. This should be surprising. Employment, or the lack of it, has an enormous impact on our lives, both as a source of income and a linchpin of personal identity. We are what we do.

Echopraxia by Peter Watts

Jonathan Crowe

It’s impossible to talk about Peter Watts’s most recent novel, Echopraxia, without discussing his previous novel, Blindsight. The relationship between the two books is crucial to any understanding of Echopraxia.



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