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D.F. McCourt
To Peter Watts' Health Print

I don't know how many of you are regular readers of Peter Watts' blog. If you aren't (and shame on you for that), you may have missed the fact that he has recently come down with—and hopefully beaten—a surprise case of necrotizing fasciitis, better known as flesh eating disease.

The whole ordeal is covered in gruesome detail over his last few posts; this metafilter post has a good roundup, though some of those links are not for the faint-hearted or weak-stomached.

Through it all, Peter has shown the same mind-boggling stoicism we witnessed during last years border crossing fiasco (which we talked about when we interviewed him in Issue #1). But, despite the fact that the man seems able to stare down anything with no more backup than his own uncanny fortitude, I think it's probably for the best if you join me and AE in sending all possible good thoughts and well wishes Peter's way. After all, we need him to live a good long time and write us a great many more stories as fantastic as Blindsight and "The Island."


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