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AE is now recruiting Feature Writers and Publisher’s Readers.

Feature Writer

We are looking to add up to three new feature writers to our team. Feature writers provide regular non-fiction content to AE, particularly book reviews. In general, we ask that each feature writer be able to provide one article, between 1,000 and 3,000 words in length, every two months. Articles may be assigned (reviews, particularly) or may be pitched by feature writers to the Editorial Board. Feature writers are paid $20 for each article which appears in AE.

To apply for a feature writer position, please send an email with the subject line “AE FEATURE WRITER APPLICATION” to Editorial Director Helen Michaud at helen@aescifi.ca. Please include two non-fiction writing samples, at least one of which would ideally be a book review. If you are a Canadian resident or citizen, please include that information in your application.

Publisher’s Reader

We are also looking to add up to three new publisher’s readers (aka “slush readers”) to the team. Publisher’s readers help with the first round of selecting fiction stories to appear in AE. Almost all of the stories we publish come to us as unsolicited submissions, and sorting through the large numbers of stories we receive to find the few that we will eventually publish is a substantial task. This is is an unpaid volunteer position.

To apply for a publisher’s reader position, please send an email with the subject line “AE READER APPLICATION” to Editor D.F. McCourt at duff@aescifi.ca. Please include in your email brief reviews (50 to 100 words) of three different stories AE has published, written as though you had encountered these stories in the slush pile. Be sure to indicate whether you would recommend the story for purchase, recommend it for a second look, or recommend passing on it. If you are a Canadian resident or citizen, please include that information in your application.

Future Positions

In the near future, we expect to be bringing people onboard in higher level roles within the magazine. Getting involved now as a feature writer or publisher’s reader is a great way to receive preferential consideration when that time comes.

Imaginarium 2013
Posted by Helen Michaud   

ChiZine Publications has announced the Table of Contents and Honorable Mentions for the latest edition of Imaginarium, their annual anthology featuring the best genre writing by Canadians in the past year, the inaugural edition of which is a finalist for the 2013 Aurora Awards in Best Related Work.

We're pleased to see several stories and authors published in AE recognized by editors Samantha Beiko and Sandra Kasturi.

SFContario Schedule
Posted by D.F. McCourt   

I hope as many of you as can are coming to our birthday party tonight. You don't need to be an SFContario attendee to come to the party and admission is free/PWYC.

If you are going to be attending SFContario however, then there are ways to fit even more AE into your weekend. All three editors (Helen Michaud, Paul Jarvey and myself) will be in attendance, and we'll be manning a table in the fan section, so come on by and say hi. I will also be sitting on a few panels over the course of the weekend (including one with John Scalzi and Matt Moore!). The details are below. For a complete program, look here.

And if you run into Matt Moore, don't forget to wish him luck in his Aurora bid.

Criticism and Critique: Critics in the 21st Century. - Sat 11AM Gardenview

Developments in social media and web 2.0 technology continue to blur
the line between amateur and professional critics.  As North American
colleges and universities produce record numbers of graduates, the
media consuming public is transforming itself into something that
feels it ought to be included in larger critical conversations.  Our
panelists explore how professionals and amateurs work together to
evaluate genre media (D.F. McCourt, James Nicoll(M), John Scalzi, Matt
Moore, Elizabeth Hirst)

First Contact Without a Universal Translator  - Sat. 1 PM Solarium

How do we establish a common conceptual base to communicate with
another species? Sure, we have numbers and the hydrogen atom in
common, but how far would that get us with a world of beings who share
none of our sensory apparatus? (Eric Choi, Lorne Kates(M), D.F.
McCourt, Tony Pi, Lawrence Schoen)

If you liked X you’ll love Y - Sat. 7 PM Parkview

The panel makes recommendations of novels
and series  you may not have tried that will appeal to readers of
other novels. Come and bring requests and recommendations of your own.
(John Mansfield, D.F.McCourt, Shirley Meier, James Nicoll, Adam

Support Matt Moore in his Prix Aurora Bid
Posted by D.F. McCourt   

Today’s story, “Ascension,” is by Matt Moore, who you might remember from the AE #1 story “Touch the Sky, They Say.” Voting for the Prix Aurora is now open and “Touch the Sky, They Say” has been nominated for best Canadian Short Story of 2010. We think it very much deserves to win and would like to encourage you to head on over to prixauroraawards.ca and make your voice heard.

Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2010
Posted by Helen Michaud   

Congratulations to Susan Forest and Mark A. Rayner, whose stories from AE Issue #1 are among the Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2010, celebrating the best of online literature. They're in terrific company, so do check out the rest of the stories on that list.

AE Micro the Second: Results!
Posted by Helen Michaud   

We couldn’t have been more pleased with the range of submissions we received for the second edition of AE Micro. Please join us in congratulating the following authors whose stories we have selected to appear in the microzine:

To Peter Watts' Health
Posted by D.F. McCourt   

I don't know how many of you are regular readers of Peter Watts' blog. If you aren't (and shame on you for that), you may have missed the fact that he has recently come down with—and hopefully beaten—a surprise case of necrotizing fasciitis, better known as flesh eating disease.

Prix Aurora Awards Nominations
Posted by D.F. McCourt   

Nominations are currently open over at the Prix Aurora Awards site. Any Canadian citizen or resident may register as a nominator and immediately cast their ballots.

It's bad form to ask for votes or nominations, and we wouldn't dream of doing so, but we would like to call your attention to those fantastic works by Canadian authors and authors that appeared in AE in 2010 and are thus eligible for nomination.

Jo Walton on Gateway
Posted by D.F. McCourt   

If you haven't yet read Fred Pohl's Gateway, you should do so immediately. If you need more convincing than that, you should head over to Tor.com and read Jo Walton's amazing three-and-a-half-decades-after-the-fact review of the book. And then you should read Gateway.

SFContario 2010
Posted by D.F. McCourt   

As I’ve mentioned on Twitter, I was at the inaugural SFContario last weekend. There were some excellent panels on Saturday. First thing in the morning, I took in the “Is Extinction Really Forever?” talk with Peter Watts, where an interesting question was raised about the identity of species: What difference between Heck Cattle and Aurochs?

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