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ISSUE no. 23 - SUMMER 2016

In this issue of AE, it's lonely at the edge of the universe; love is a drug; and a friendship lasts a lifetime.

Meanwhile, Wes Smiderle reviews Jeff Lemire; J.J.S. Boyce surveys tales about animals; and Jonathan Crowe reviews Robert J. Sawyer.

All I Ever Wanted You To Do

Sara Kate Ellis

Scientific consensus gives you four minutes, five tops, after the heart stops and the brain cells start dying. Charlie Lauder came back after eighteen hours, no worse for wear, no stiffness or cognitive impairment.

Bodhi Beyond The Rim

Michael Reid

Bodhi’s very first sensation was the fear of blindness. Their eyes claimed to have booted, but they could see nothing, could only feel a crushing pressure from all sides.


Rich Larson

They are walking the Cadiz seawall when Chelo tells her boyfriend what she saw on his tab. For a while Javier doesn’t say anything, just stands and looks back toward the beach, where gray waves are crawling to shore on hands and knees.

AE Podcast 2015

AE Editors

Every year, we like to take a look back at twelve months of fiction that we’ve published and record a few of the stories so you can enjoy them in audio format. Here’s the 2015 installment of our annual podcast:

The AE 2015 Podcast

TRILLIUM by Jeff Lemire

Wes Smiderle

Trillium is an Eisner Award-nominated comic book series written and drawn by Canadian Jeff Lemire and featuring a pair of lovers who are, quite literally, star-crossed and time-challenged.

Bleeding of Genres: Animal Tales

J.J.S. Boyce

I’ve recently been enjoying André Alexis’s Fifteen Dogs, a short novel about a group of canines in a Toronto veterinary clinic suddenly gifted, or perhaps cursed, with human intelligence. The premise is that Hermes and Apollo have a bet about whether human reasoning would make animals happier or not, and it’s probably not much of a spoiler to say that the question is never definitively decided.



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