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ISSUE no. 16 - FALL 2014

In this issue of AE, ghosts walk the streets; a ship races toward love; and it's hard to make friends.

Meanwhile, D.F. McCourt profiles Jim Munroe; Helen Michaud reviews the book that started the CC revolution; and Gregg Chamberlain talks to Robert Thirsk.

Dreaming Drones

Rich Larson

The two policemen across from John on the metro were turning off their shouldercams. That was never a good sign.

The Ghost Pool

Trevor Shikaze

Mona was an early ghost. At the time she went live, Chaz thought she was the first.

Automatic Sky

Stephen S. Power

The ansible drops the call. Hub smacks it. It’s an older model, which he bought from this guy he met, and hitting it sometimes works. Not this time.

Over the Transom: The Not-So-Dark Future

Helen Michaud

Dark is cool, they say. But stack the cards too much against a story’s protagonists, or society, or humanity as a whole, and dark can become exhausting.

AE Bookshelf: Jim Munroe

D.F. McCourt

Jim Munroe landed a contract with HarperCollins for his debut novel and then, for his subsequent books, opted out. For the last fifteen years, Munroe has self-published, and helped and encouraged others to do the same. A veteran of the zine years, Munroe has latched on to the DIY ethic and embraced the fringe culture of indie publishing, proving, to everyone’s surprise but his, that from that freedom and chaos can come some of the most beautiful, polished, and moving works of art.

Disrupting the Publishing Industry, Magic Kingdom-Style

Helen Michaud

Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom is the kind of first novel any aspiring writer would be proud of. Doctorow’s first sentence exudes confidence; he draws the reader into his vision of the future by running down a rapid-fire checklist of its attributes like so many bullet points. He wastes no time in revealing the broad arc of the story he’s about to tell, and throughout the book he manages a delicate balance of teasing new ideas with one hand and fleshing them out with the other.



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