AE returns!

We thank you all for your continued patience and support. AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review has been, for five years, Canada's biggest and best venue for original science fiction, science fiction reviews, and SF-related essays. We aren't about to let that change. We have regrouped and have a new site in development that we will be unveiling very soon. In the meantime, read the FAQ, and send us your short stories for consideration in our relaunch issue!

Until then, stay tuned as we prepare for launch with the AEscifi newsletter:

Submission Guidelines (fiction)

Last updated 5 May 2017

The call for submissions for AE's relaunch issue is now open! AE welcomes submissions from both established and emerging authors. We publish exclusively science fiction, though our interpretation of the genre can be quite inclusive. We are interested in stories from 500 to 3000 words in length. We are not soliciting poetry or screenplays at this time.

Please include a brief cover letter and the full text of your story (preferably in plain text) in the body of an email addressed to We will not open any attachments.

The very first thing in your subject line should be "CDN Sub" if you are a Canadian citizen or current Canadian resident, otherwise your subject line should begin with "INT Sub." This is very important, especially if you are Canadian. We publish a limited number of international stories. The subject line must also contain both the title and approximate word count of your piece, like this: "CDN Sub: 'Title of Story' (1300 words)." The cover letter should include your name, byline (if different) and a brief (50 words, at most) biography. We will contact you at the same email from which you sent your submission.

Submissions must be previously unpublished (in print or online) and should be strong enough to stand alone (i.e., no excerpts from a larger work). Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please notify us immediately if your submission is accepted for publication in another venue. Please submit no more than one story at a time. We buy First Serial and First Electronic rights and non-exclusive Audio rights.

AE is proud to offer all fiction authors reimbursement of $0.10 CAD per word, paid within 60 days of acceptance.

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